The optimization of qPCR amplification conditions is critical to the accuracy of qPCR analysis. The efficiency, specificity, and sensitivity of each gene’s primers are all influenced by the optimization of qPCR parameters. Therefore, you should validate your qPCR assay to ensure the conditions for developing a robust assay are met.



Figure 1: PCR/qPCR Optimization Workflows

What customers get from Genetika:

  • primer, gBlocks, and/or probes ordered by the customer
  • Primer BLAST results, primer complementary test results, and gBlocks complexity test results
  • qPCR running reports (Thermal profile, Amplification plots, Standard curve plots, Melt raw derivative curve)
  • Gel photo analysis for PCR optimization
  • Sequence assembly results

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Amplification curve with lowest Cq

Single peak and single band analysis

Gel analysis for PCR optimization